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As I Have Always Been

As I Have Always Been

If I got lost in the big black night,
On those streets near the Ocean swelling
With darkness in the October warmth,
Would you run looking for me
As if God Himself had torn something from you

Or would you let me fade in the shadows
Like a silent scream
Like a forgotten smile
Like a broken promise of something greater,
Turned to ashes
Five years too late

I feel like that at times.
Heartbreakingly alone in a place
In your heart
Where there’s little room from strangers
Like me.
Just a semblance, or a specter,
Haunting this home she never truly lived in
Never able to make her own,
But always craving to inhabit fully
In flesh and sorrows
In happiness, and cinder

Oh, I was never truly yours, you see.
You never gave all of you to me.

So I got lost on the streets near the Ocean
Of Night,
Without you
As I have always been.

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