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The Wandering Star

The Wandering Star

To Niko

We sat on a bench in the park
Near the fortress
And talked, and laughed,
And cried
As we watched the sky together
For the wandering star
To appear out of nowhere
Igniting the night
And our hearts
With the promise of Meaning.

It only showed itself a few times,
Countable on the fingers
Of one hand
Drifting across the vault
Of our lonely adolescence
Like a harbinger of hope
In a land ravaged
By the tragedies of
Inner wars
Fought against the world
But mostly against

Remember that summer night
In the small, sharply lit city
That was our home
When we saw it one last time
Before it went away
We got up and greeted it
After having spoken
About the future.
We wanted to run away
And live
As we had always been
Ever since that day
In early autumn
Many years before.

We stood there
Following its path
Through the darkness,
With eyes still innocent
Hearts still unbroken
Bodies still whole
Aware that
What it was actually doing
Was saying goodbye.

We did run away
And live
And shattered ourselves
Against the ragged cliffs
Of life
Like desperate oceans
Looking for a shore
To reach and rest on.
Ripped ourselves
Against the famished
Of the future we spoke of,
Until we were no longer
Innocent or
Or whole.

Every once in a while,
We’d raise our eyes
To the heavens
Seeking it
-The light-
Amidst dark clouds
Made hazy
By the tears
Welling up,
But it never came.

Until one day,
When, sitting with you
In a different park,
From a different life,
And a different city,
Both of us tainted,
Broken and
We laughed at something little,
And I looked into your eyes.
And saw it:
The wandering star!

I finally understood
We were mistaken
All these years
Thinking that it had
Abandoned us one summer
That it had fallen into
And vanished
When all it
Actually did was split
In two
And descend into us
One piece, in me
The other, in you.

So now
On the sky of our souls,
Where my horizons
Meet yours
The wandering star still travels
Ours, forever.

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    • Alexandra
      July 4, 2021 at 6:34 pm

      Thank you so much for your feedback! I’m currently working on a collection of poems. Hopefully I’ll be able to publish it once it’s complete!

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