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She’d Always Return

She’d always return

She sat on the shore for a while,
bathed in the golden shades of twilight,
missing the hot touch of the midday sun
on her once unscathed skin.
Now, the cool breeze was the only thing
she could allow near her yet untamed wounds,
still reeling under the seething memory of the fire.
She took it all in: the yellow, molten sky,
the fine sand under her feet,
and finally, the immense Sea, the love of her life,
approaching shyly with foamy steps from the depths of the world itself.

It took her some time to muster up the courage
to walk toward the water and take that dive.
But when she finally did,
it felt like she had arrived home after the longest journey ever.
As if they knew her pain,
gentle waves wrapped themselves around her scars,
caressing them with compassion,
bringing healing to the very spots that hurt the most,
extinguishing the leftover flames that burned within her.
The Sea received her with open arms, just like before.

“Welcome back”, it whispered to the scarred girl
and replaced the tears running down her cheeks
with salty water from its billowing heart.
“I’m the one thing you’ll never lose”,
the Sea sang, and in the dwindling sunset
gradually giving in to the night,
it was the most beautiful lullaby she had ever heard,
so she let its melody in, to mute the screams that often haunted her dreams.

After the Sea fell asleep
under the dark velvet vault, rocked to rest by the Moon
who soothed the waves like a mother would her babies,
the girl kissed it goodbye and left for the shore,
brimming with its gifts, humming its song
more whole, more healed than she had come
whispering teary “thank yous” and a promise
that she’d return,
she’d always return…

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