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Quantum Prayers

I fall to my knees in prayer
As the thought of you
Dismantles me
Piece by piece

The particles of my heart separate
And fly into space
To look for you
In all the corners of the Universe
That God has touched with

Like burning butterflies
They roam the cosmos
Scouring the homes of stars
Uprooting planets
Invading the seats of Heaven and Hell
Traces of your presence

And they find none

Ultimately they return to me
Tired and different,
Scarred by the void they couldn’t fill
With proof of your existence
And as they settle back within me
I too change
And become something else

No longer able to hold its wholeness
My scattered being collapses
And ignites
Turning me into an incandescent beacon
Shining radioactive light onto
All the places I might have missed
And you could still be in

But you are not.

So now I wait
For particles of you to gather
Then separate
And come looking
For the burning girl
With her funeral pyre heart
Whispering quantum prayers
Into the silence of the universe

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