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Unlikely Soulmates

Unlikely Soulmates

I always knew we’d meet like this
In a Place Devoid of Sorrow
Far from who we were
When we were
You’d stand in front of me
And a little disconcerted
By my face, my eyes, my smile
That you’d imagined different
Back when you mistook the others
For soulmates.

You’d stare at me bewildered,
And a little bit amused
At your own blindness
Unsure you’d had recognized me in the first place
Had I passed you by on the street,
Or in a dream,
Or in a nightmare.

“Stop doubting!”, God would urge you,
Exasperated by your difficult nature
And lack of faith
That He Himself
Had endowed you with
To hide your soul’s fragile way of being,
So vulnerable
In its desire to believe
Yet so hauntingly hopeless.

I’d startle at His harsh voice,
And ask Him to speak gently,
For it is not your fault
That you don’t remember.
Such a distance was cast between us,
That we became numb
To the truth.
To each other.
To love.
And he’d sigh ashamed
Shaking His head,
Knowing deeply
That I am right.

I’d approach you
And ask if I can take your hand,
You’d say yes, blushing
Still not convinced that I
Am the one
So I’d hum you that song
You always wanted to write,
The one with the angel,
And the path
My fragile voice
Shattered by emotion and longing
Whispering the lyrics
And the sad melody
As if it was a prayer I was reciting,
And in many ways
It would be just that

At first,
You’d waver in disbelief,
But then
You’d loosen up
At the seams
Of your soul
Unwinding, unraveling,
Caving in.
Your eyes would widen
And well up with tears
As you’d recognize the words,
You always wanted to say
And the tune
That haunted you for years
Yet somehow always escaped you
When you woke up
From the dream you kept
Hearing it in.

Doubt wouldn’t disappear
Immediately though
You’d hang on to it for a while
Clinging like a child
To the known,
To the ultimate safety
Of pain
Used to being wrong,
Afraid of being right,
Scared to death
To be hurt

But then,
The warmth of my fingers,
Intertwined with yours,
And the sound of my heart
Beating so close
To your own
Would become more familiar
And all of a sudden,
You’d recognize
My face, my eyes, my smile
And understand
That though unlikely,
I am your soulmate
And you are mine.

“Finally”, God would sigh
In relief,
Rolling his eyes
Still somewhat disappointed
That it took us
This fucking long.

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